May 19, 2008

Redeeming the Time

For those of you that don't know about our court case with the Mustang, here's the summation: My Dad and I often restore old or new cars to help curb some of our deficits in fund raising. We like old Mustangs and our largest investment to date came in the form of a 1965 model K-code fastback. That’s the one with the Shelby engine, for you car buffs. Well, to make a long story shorter, it was FAKE! The previous owner changed/forged a false VIN#.

Now after almost 3 years and 4 canceled dates, we are still in a court battle. We can not sell the car to anyone because we’d then be liable, but we cannot get Fast Freddy to give our money back. Needless to say, this was the opposite of curbing our mission deficit that has averaged $2,000/mnth over the past year. The court date was the main reason we returned to the States in March. For the 4th time, the court case was postponed, and yet we were in the States!

However, God is into redemption. He knew of many details long before we bought the return airfare for the court date. Read the other post about the passing of April’s grandmother which God knew of and perhaps turned into one of the main reasons we were there.

My parents also sold their home and the garage housing all of our “worldly goods.” The sell of their home is an incredible testimony as to what God is doing in their lives, but I’ll let them post that on their own blog. We were forced, but thankfully able, to move all of our things-as well as theirs-to their new 40 acres on the hill (cattle included).

We were happy to come home to Ecuador and rest after a difficult and totally different-than-planned trip to the States, but we are thankful to God for redeeming the time there.

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Bridget said...

Hi Matt,
Sorry to hear of your experience. One of my brothers had a similar experience with a non-existent Harley... All the best and love,
Bridget and Ray