May 25, 2008

Baby's coming soon!

The baby will be here in about 2 weeks (June 10th) OR less! April is just about finished with the "nest" here in the house.

There is a newer hospital in the other valley called Cumbaya, "my Lord, Cumbaya!" It is in one of the prettier countrysides of Ecuador, and we both really like it. All of its facilities are new and it has a lot of amenities. Like a playground for our other girls to hang out in, Pizza Hut downstairs, and a water-birthing facility... ;)

You may not understand the stress of delivering outside the U.S., but for mommy, it has been a sigh of relief to find this place.

Please keep us in your prayers for a safe and healthy delivery of our baby girl!


Peter Zefo said...

Guess what? A third little Zefo is on the way!

Isabelle if it's a girl

Geraldo if it's a boy

Kevin said...

Matt and April: Congrats!! Norah is beautiful!! We hope to see you guys again soon.

God Bless

Kevin, Nena, and Cody