February 12, 2009

Campus Choir With Us In Ecuador

I find it difficult to fully comprehend and to somehow map out on paper all that happened during Campus Choir’s tour with us in Ecuador. If I could remember all of the opened doors, the God-sent moments of ministry, and the opportunities to be the hand of God extended to a thirsty soul with a glass of water, I would still undoubtedly miss the many unseen miracles, untold testimonies, and supernatural provision that He placed in our way. However, this is my short attempt to give a glimpse of one of the most incredible ministry events that I have ever been a part of.

For some of you who don’t know, Lee University’s Campus Choir is now under the direction of Pastor Jimmy Phillips. I had the opportunity to get to be with the current choir and their new director briefly a year ago during C.C.’s Homecoming event at Lee. However, this tour was a great time for me to really get to know him and the new members of the choir. They are a great group of annointed young men and women with a terrific leader. Right before the tour, I shared with Pastor Jimmy some of the conversations Dr. David Horton (Doc) and I had prior to his untimely death in the Bahamas. Many of the choir members on this Ecuadorian tour were in the Bahamas for a tour that had much preparation, but not a single note sung. One of the girls spoke over the group about how this new tour was the fulfillment of all the preparation made for the Bahamas with Dr. Horton. I shared with Pastor Jimmy that Doc had told me of his great desire to move the choir into open doors beyond the church. He had been speaking for a while about re-digging the old wells (older church movements and organizations), and now he wanted to start singing in more secular universities and campuses, and bring the same anointed worship into places that were not “accustomed” to such. When I was first approached with the idea of a Campus Choir trip, I felt like God immediately gave me an itinerary…but I needed some favor! God gave me that favor, and Campus Choir had the privilege of singing in the Catholic Basilica, at the University of Quito (the largest University in Ecuador), over Latin America’s largest Christian radio station, the Semisud Seminary, and several Churches.

Let’s face it, there’s not a lot of love between the Catholic Church and the many Protestant Churches in South America. So, the fact that a Columbian priest of the highest ranked Catholic Church in Ecuador and in much of Latin America (The Basilica), gave us permission to give a concert in such a beautiful cathedral…still blows me away. I knew immediately that God was giving us tremendous favor. As breathtaking as the sounds of an 80 member Campus Choir souring through the 100 feet cathedral ceilings were, it was even more amazing when a 50 year old nun told me that “denomination did not matter!” What mattered was that “your kids obviously love our Lord and savior and we are so thankful to get to praise Him with you!” I guess when one of the girls took off dancing to the side in a place that perhaps doesn’t see a lot of that, they must not have minded it so much. It was obvious to all of us who stood in that placed warmed by the very presence of God’s Holy Spirit that light from God’s Son was shinning through those high and brilliantly colored stained glass windows…

The secular campus of Ecuador’s largest University was met with the same favor at first, but took a little turn toward spiritual warfare as the event drew near. We were not allowed to enter the facilities at first, but found favor at a different gate with a different guard. Then our instruments and sound equipment van was not allowed entrance. Then we were told we could not do it at all. It was about this time we began to pray. Eventually the write men showed up, God gave us favor, and we ended up having the event in the middle of the campus, open air style, with all of our instruments and equipment. I’m sure you could hear us for miles. It was right in the middle of the day with thousands of students coming and going. Several stopped to listen, join in, cry, and pray with us. We really do not know what God may have done that day!

Unfortunately, one exciting door was closed to us. I was upset at first, but later God did what only He can do. Another door opened for us to sing on Latin America’s largest radio broadcast. Located in Ecuador due to the Andes Mt. range, HCJB is played around the world in syndicate and live in almost every South American country. I even got do due a free 15 minute interview/ radio plug for our seminary and mission training. It was awesome! They may still be playing our tunes, have you been listening for it?

Time doesn’t really permit me to tell about the multiple clinics we ran every morning and the lives that were touched there, or about singing at the seminary, churches, downtown parks, etc… We really may not know the fullness of what transpired that week until we ask Jesus face to face.

I just want to thank Jimmy & Johnna Phillips, Jonathan Kerley and the other Doctors, nurses, assistants, choir members, leaders, and musicians who poured out of their hearts the love of God upon the people of Ecuador.

Thank you God for an Awesome time!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing details! I was blessed to plant seed toward this project. Today I was able to see photos and read about that seed. God Bless!