December 7, 2008

Witnessing 101

While the girls were staying with their grandparents in Lexington, KY they met a new friend just a few doors down. Laura is a beautiful 9 year-old “ABC,” American born Chinese. After playing with her for a few days, Darby-Jewell requested that April ask Laura if she knew who God was. April and I explained to our little “Jewell” that she was the one making a relationship with this new friend. It would be a much better idea for her to ask Laura instead of us. Although Darby-Jewell is driven socially, she can at times be shy. Although she was not totally comfortable with the idea, she knew we were right. On the last day of our visit, the girls went out to play with their friend one last time. All the girls came in for a snack and a little rest. I was over at the computer typing and had a perfect seat for Darby-Jewell and Maria’s lesson on “witnessing when you think your friend is a Buddhist.”

After their “Manu,” (Grandma) had given all the girls their popsicles, Darby-Jewell became noticeably squirmish. Her face reminded me of times when I knew I needed to do something, but wasn’t totally comfortable. She quickly overcame her shyness for a greater fear of not sharing the greatest treasure and information for her new beloved friend who so desperately needed it. “Laura! Do you know God?” She exclaimed! Laura, partially caught of guard because of the timing and volume, replied in her sweet and soft-toned voice, “Yes, I know God.” Darby-Jewell scratched her head and paused for a brief moment with a puzzled look on her face. “But, you’re from China right?” “Yes, we’re from China,” replied Laura, “and we have God in China.” Darby-Jewell started with, “But…” then paused again.

After some confused and brief discussion between the two girls, Darby-Jewell exclaimed, “I just don’t know if we’re talking about the same GOD or not!” At this, Maria put down her popsicle for a moment and interjected, “Look…we’re not talking about some Rock! Some rock shaped like a FAT guy!”

The soft spoken Laura finally understood the confusion and spoke up. “My parents moved here from China 20 years ago. After they arrived, someone introduced them to Jesus, and they have loved Him ever since. I have gone to church all my life, and I DO know Jesus.”

A greatly relieved Darby-Jewell shouted with a smile, “Now that’s what I’m talking about!”

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Suzi said...

Your Girls ROCK!!! That IS AWESOME!!